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Skateboarding is one heck of a craze, especially for the young ones. A recent study estimated that over twelve million people all over the world is involved in skateboarding, and more than one - third of all skateboarders are 18 years old or younger.

Skateboarding is technically defined as an liveliness wherein one interacts with a skateboard. A skateboard is a platform with wheels which was originally conceptualized during the 1950s where skateboarding became a pastime for surfers when the waves reputation the seas were too low.

During those days, surfers disassembled roller skates and took the wheels and attached them into wooden planks. This idea evolved from the use of what they called the crate scooters, which was basically a transportation and a pastime gadget made from a wooden crate that is attached to some kind of handle bars.

In the 1960s, skateboarding started to shift a craze. Manufacturers sold millions of skateboards which literally resembled surfboards. They marketed skateboards back then as an alternative to surfing. In the 1970s, skateboarding took a more serious trait as the materials for the skateboards were upgraded from wood to more durable and flexible materials. Today, the skateboard is far better than ever before, as millions of dollars flow into researching the best materials and designs to be used in producing them.

Skateboarding is such an enjoyable and a challenging activity at the same time. Some people use skateboards as a instrument of transportation. It is a relatively practical way of receipt around town because skateboards are so cheap and small as compared to bikes and scooters. One can buy a skateboard at a ridiculously low price, even a kid can buy one from his allowance assets.

Some people see skateboarding as a serious transport which entails lots of skills and talent. Several international competitions such as the X Games replenish venues wherein the best skateboarders in the world can show their stuff. Skateboarding can be easy, but when it comes to executing tricks and stunts, itís a whole different world all together. One needs the proper training and experience to be able to pull some tricks off.

If we look deeper into the world of skateboarding, it is definitely more than just a pastime or a jewel, there is a culture that seemingly comes along skateboarding. Bear in the olden days, skateboarding was primarily associated with the ďrebelĒ culture. Skateboarders were often given the image of being dregs and rebels. However, as time passes by, skateboarding has been considered considering a serious activity rather than a manifestation of rebellious angst.

Learning how to skateboard is usually done in the streets. Most of the successful skateboarders that we have at once began their careers spending countless hours of caution on the streets. Itís not that they want to get good at skateboarding, itís just they enjoy being doing their instrument.

If you, or someone whom you know is interested in skateboarding, thereís really nothing inexact with trying it out. However, there are some serous precautions that need to be taken before engaging impact the activity. Having the right protection such because helmets, elbow and knee pads are a must when skateboarding. They may look a little bit bulky, but they will prevent one from having serious injuries in skateboarding. The dangers of the activity are real and should not be taken for granted.




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